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Welcome to the thrilling world of EstateX Mini Game! We've crafted an electrifying adventure to celebrate our EstateX family, all while offering incredible rewards - from the brand-new iPhone 14 to Oculus Quest 2, unique Season 1 Passive Income Generating NFTs, $ESX, USDT, and much more!

EstateX Prizes


1- IPhone + 1/50 NFT + 100$ ESX
2- Oculus + 1/100NFT + 75$ ESX
3- $250 USDT + 75$ ESX + 1/100NFT
4- $150 USDT + 50$ ESX + 1/200 NFT
5- $100 USDT + 25$ ESX + 1/200 NFT
6- 10 $75 USDT + $25 ESX + 1/350NFT

5 runners-up will be chosen at random.

Runners up $30 USDT $20 ESX + 1/350 NFT

Join this gripping journey of survival where the stakes are high and the FUD MONSTERS are fierce. Your mission? Scoop up as many coins as possible while outmaneuvering these monstrous adversaries. The higher you soar on the leaderboard, the richer the rewards!

But remember, everyone's a winner here. Irrespective of your leaderboard position, just by registering, you unlock the opportunity to bag surprise prizes. So, as the saying goes, you've got to be in it to win it!

The excitement doesn't stop there! Making it to the Top 10 catapults you into the adrenaline-pumping LIVE FINALS! Witness the crème de la crème of players battle it out on a Live Streaming Session. And here's the catch - during these heart-racing matches, we're merging the thrilling world of e-Sports with an informative EstateX AMA. An opportunity to learn, compete, and win - all at the same time!

So, gear up! Tap the link below, outpace your friends and the EstateX family, climb the leaderboard, and seize those sensational prizes.

Ready to join the fun? Click the link to play the EstateX Game, gather your coins, outsmart the FUD MONSTERS and post your top scores along with your creative game name suggestions in the chat below.

On your marks, get set, play!